Welcome to V Brand Management

Are you a small business owner?

Do you have many ideas of things you would like to do with your business, but can never find the time to do any of them, or feel paralyzed over making a decision?

Are you constantly being asked to “collaborate” or donate or work with others, and have trouble figuring out if it’s worth the time or monetary investment?

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out how best to market your business to potential customers?

I can help. I have been helping small businesses and organizations put into place systems and frameworks that streamline their efforts, and save time and money.

The general principals can apply across many types of businesses, but my insights are particularly useful for vegan businesses and restaurants, businesses wishing to market to vegans, upstart natural food and product manufacturers, health food and product retailers, sole proprietor service-oriented businesses, small not for profit organizations, shoestring budget events, and health and wellness professionals.

From the moment I received Pamela’s application for the Community Manager at terra20, I knew her interest was more than skin deep. She quickly proved her passion for the company by building a strong terra20 community before our doors even opened. Even when day-to-day projects were piling up, she never lost sight of what was most important – our consumer. Always quick to respond, Pamela would go beyond simply offering solutions, she would approach any challenging experience in a way that secured lifelong fans – and not because it was her job, but because she truly enjoyed the relationships she made. In addition to strong communication skills, Pamela is a self-starter who requires little, if any, supervision to get the job done.

Rachelle Mesheau, former director of Marketing, terra20